"Can you identify everybody?"

“Can you identify everybody?”
“Is it legal?”
“What percentage of companies and people can CANDDi identify?”
“How do the EU cookie/data protection laws affect CANDDi?”

Frequently asked Questions

Some of the questions CANDDi hear most often are:
“Can you identify everybody?”, “Is it legal?”, “What percentage of companies and people can CANDDi identify?”, “How do the EU cookie/data protection laws affect CANDDi?” and “How long a contract do you require?”

The answers to all of these questions are linked so let’s go through them now…

Firstly, it’s perfectly legal!
CANDDi only uses opt in first-party data – it can’t just pluck information out of thin air. This means that it won’t be able to identify everybody and it abides by the laws that are put in place. It will pull together all of the information it receives and update you when it’s relevant.

The staff at CANDDi will help you with your privacy policy, so that you can let visitors know what you intend to do with the data that you are collecting.

This typically involves adding 2-3 more template lines to your existing policy. All the data held by CANDDi belongs to your business and is stored securely on servers within the European Union.

A general statistic is that CANDDi will identify about 20-30% of companies, and 20% of individuals. Although ultimately, it depends on your business and how much effort you want to put in, so it could be much more than that.

The team at CANDDi are rightly confident that their technology will add value to your business and don’t believe in tying customers into long-term contracts. CANDDi offer a 30-day rolling agreement (although after a couple of months, most customers choose to take the annual contract which offers a substantial discount).

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