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  • It will provide you with all the information you need to work out exactly who your visitors are
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  • CANDDi provides real time alerts informing you when past visitors return to your website
  • Do you get a lot of visitors on your website?
  • Are your sales team tired of waiting for the phone to ring?
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Why Choose us?

CANDDi is a unique technology and more advanced than anything currently on the market.

CANDDi will provide you with all the data to help you, not just before a sale but also with on-going relationships and engagement afterward. In other words, it’s going to help you make more sales but also retain your current customers…

CANDDi is a unique technology and more advanced than anything currently on the market. CANDDi is the only technology which legally tracks and identifies the individual visitors coming to your website.

This means you’ll be given all of the information you need to close more sales. You’ll be able to produce a profile of your visitors…

Some of the questions CANDDi hear most often are:

“Can you identify everybody?”, “Is it legal?”, “What percentage of companies and people can CANDDi identify?”, “How do the EU cookie/data protection laws affect CANDDi?” and “How long a contract do you require?”

The answers to all of these questions are linked so let’s go through them now…

Firstly, it’s perfectly legal!…

Serial Entrepreneur Tim Langley founded CANDDi, in 2009, with the aim of helping SME’s find out more information about their website visitors.

Having previously run 4 companies – Tim knew better than most the frustrations inherent with traditional website tracking tools and the lack of relevance that these had to most businesses.

In order to do this, CANDDi spent three years…